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Difficulties Taking Your Post-transplant Medication?

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Advice and questions

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transplant360: Post-transplant Support

Transplant recipients, their carers and transplant professionals working together for long-term health after transplantation

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and Carers
  Healthcare Professionals

Transplant Recipients and their Carers

Transplantation is not a one-off event, but a life-changing experience. With all of the positive changes that having a transplant can bring, there will be challenges as well. transplant360 is a programme that can help you to keep on track and stay healthy for the years ahead. The first step is learning as much as you can. Select one of the information sections below to get started.


Protecting Your Organ

Staying on track with your medications is essential to keep your organ healthy in the long-term


Healthy Living

Following a healthy lifestyle, including eating right and exercising, will contribute to your well being


Healthy Body

Make sure you know what to expect and know how to keep your body healthy


Transplant Support

The period before and after a transplant can be very stressful. Finding support can help you live life to the full


transplant360 has now launched across Europe to improve long-term patient outcomes post-transplant

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Healthcare Professionals


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Healthcare professionals have a central role in supporting transplant recipients in maintaining a life-long programme of self-care, including taking medications and leading a healthy lifestyle. transplant360 aims to help the transplant community to work together to help transplant recipients manage their long-term health and improve clinical outcomes.

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